Chudzinski, 49ers Having Delightful Conversations


At this time last year, everyone was drooling over Rob Chudzinski . He was the young, up-and-coming offensive coordinator for the Browns, directing an offense that went on to score 402 points and finish the year as the eighth-best unit in the league.  Now, he is currently out of a job.  After the Browns failed to score an offensive touchdown in six straight games (reprehensible no matter who the quarterback is) and dropped to 31st this season, Chud is out interviewing, specifically with the San Francisco 49ers.  There is pretty much no way Chudzinski is going to be retained by new head coach Eric Mangini, but we all knew that anyway.

Chudzinski is only 40-years-old, so he should have no trouble finding a job again someday, but will new 49ers coach Mike Singletary want a new offensive coordinator that led his team to one of the worst offenses in recent memory and could never provide a good explanation for the misuse of talented players like Joshua Cribbs and Jerome Harrison?  And what in the world was wrong with Mike Martz?