Who’s Left to Be the Next GM?


As many of you already know, former Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli has taken over as the new Kansas City Chiefs GM today.  It’s not like Mr. Pioli was even a canidate here anymore, especially after the team hired Eric Mangini, who was supposedly not a top choice of Pioli’s.

So where does this leave the Browns in terms of their GM search?  Well that’s the million dollar question, and depending on who you ask, that answer varies.  So here’s a quick recap of what’s up with the search:

  • The team will interview George Kokinis next week after the Ravens game.  However, according to reports, the only way that the Ravens will allow this move is if Kokinis is given full control over player personnel issues, something he does not have experience with (in Baltimore it was his job to just deal with FA, and scouting FA).
  • Some other names to consider, because they are currently jobless, include: Ted Sundquist, Floyd Reese, and Tom Donahoe.
  • Another name being tossed around is that of Chris Polian, the Colts current vice president of football operations.

Needless to say, whoever takes over as the next GM will have a large workload from day one.