Wednesday Morning Linkfest


Another Wednesday, another link party.  Enjoy, boys and girls:

  • There is a laundry list of things to-do for new head coach Eric Mangini.  Problem is, there’s no GM yet and not much time to get to work.
  • Tony Grossi ranks the 2008 Browns from 1-49.  It’s a well put-together list, but there’s only one problem:  K Phil Dawson and LONG SNAPPER Ryan Pontbriand are in the top five!  Ah yes, when you’ve got players of those positions topping your list, you’ll be playoff-bound for years to come.
  • Will the Ravens’ run through the playoffs actually hurt the Browns?
  • New coordinators Brian Daboll (offense) and Rob Ryan (defense) have already begun working with Mangini in Cleveland.  Their positions became official yesterday.
  • Owner Randy Lerner said that finding a GM was not as urgent a situation as finding a head coach.  When the rest of league does not follow such a mantra, why do the Browns?
  • Scott Pioli has been hired as the next GM of the Kansas City Chiefs.  If current head coach Herm Edwards is ousted, look for Pioli to put Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz at the top of his list.  Good luck with that, Chiefs fans.  Surely you will enjoy his Big Ten Championships and domination of the Big Ten translated to the NFL.  I’ll be blunt here: that was sarcasm.
  • Brian Sipe is the coach!  The new QB coach, that is, of San Diego State.
  • Speaking of QB coaches, Rip Scherer, the QB coach for the Browns this past season, is interviewing with the San Francisco 49ers for the same position.

Finally, a Cavaliers-related link for you this morning:

  • If you like the Cavs, then you love Austin Carr. All of his glory has finally been put together in one fantastic website that even tracks the number of times he uses his catchphrases.  “Get that weak stuff outta here!!”