Why Browns Fans Should Not Get Upset About Missing Out on Gruden


There is no doubt that some Browns fans out there are legitimately upset that the team missed out on Jon Gruden by hiring Eric Mangini so quickly.  After all, Gruden has won a Super Bowl and he has plenty of experience, something owner Randy Lerner stressed for the new head coach to have.

There are a few reasons why it shouldn’t bother anyone that Gruden won’t be the Browns’ head coach.  For one, the level of mediocrity in Tampa Bay the last few seasons has really stemmed from the fact that “Chucky” wouldn’t commit to and develop one quarterback.  Instead, it was a fast-revolving door that churned out quarterbacks and spit them back out, taking the “defense will carry us to the Super Bowl” mentality.  Imagine if Gruden had to choose between Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn.  His head would explode.

Also, the players in Tampa Bay were restless with Gruden.  When players are dissenting against a coach, it’s obviously never a good sign.  Trust is a huge issue in the player-coach relationship, and the last thing the Browns need is a dishonest leader.  Gruden’s demeanor used to demand respect, but I suppose the players eventually saw through that when the desired results weren’t coming to fruition on the field.

– While I do support Mangini, Bud Shaw does highlight the exact reason why I have reservations about Rob Ryan, the new defensive coordinator:

"The Browns point out that Ryan’s Oakland defense ranked 10th against the pass, but Oakland also ranked 31st against the run (159.7). And you thought the Browns — ranked 28th — were the epitome of passive resistance."

Some other Browns tidbits on this Championship Sunday:

Did the Browns inadvertantly trigger talks for a change in the Rooney Rule?

Browns apparently not interested in recently fired Tampa Bay GM Bruce Allen – George Kokinis might be the closest thing to a done deal.

So Ted Sundquist didn’t really want the Browns’ GM job?

Julius Peppers wants to play in a 3-4 defense, but don’t expect him to come to the Browns.

Browns’ lack of patience with coordinators is just one of the many things that needs to change if they will ever compete within the AFC North.