Kokinis to Be New GM? Just Hold On a Second


There have been varying reports surrounding Baltimore Ravens pro personnel director George Kokinis.  So here’s a quick rundown of those reports:

  • Kokinis will be in town sometime this week for a second interview.  Some reports even stated that the interview could be as early as today; however, the Browns seem content on not rushing matters, so the interview could be as late as Friday or Saturday this week.
  • Supposedly, Kokinis has already cleaned out his Baltimore office, and has headed to Cleveland.
  • Kokinis is expected to meet with Eric Mangini and his staff before the second interview as well.

Another interesting piece of information is that Mangini did not attend any of the college all-star games.  Instead, scout T.J. McCreight went.  This would seem to make sense, especially if Mangini and Kokinis are set to meet in the next few days.

Oh and lest I forget, congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for making it to Super Bowl XLIII.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Cardinals were wasting away, much like us.  So basically what I’m getting at is that there is hope after all for the Browns to one day make a Super Bowl.