Browns Finally Name Kokinis GM


As if this was a secret to anyone, George Kokinis has finally been named the GM of the Cleveland Browns.  After a few weeks of speculation that was less “who will it be?” and more “why haven’t they made this official yet,” the deal is finally done.  Coach Eric Mangini got his way and his recommendation got the job.

Let’s give Kokinis the benefit of the doubt here.  Give him a chance to lock down Joshua Cribbs and Phil Dawson to contracts, and to deal with Kellen Winslow and Derek Anderson appropriately.  In other words, Winslow’s health history could eventually make him expendable and a trade involving Anderson this year would be ideal – the Browns are without a third, fifth, or seventh-round pick in the upcoming draft.

Kokinis seems to be respected throughout the league and I hope his “tireless” work ethic and experience in scouting talent translates to success with the Browns.  This draft is a huge indicator of how this organization will function not only in the upcoming season, but for the next three or four seasons (depending on how long fans start clamoring for the ax to be dropped on the Mangni-Kokinis tandem).  I think the fans will be more willing to accept the new regime if the rest of the offseason and draft are handled right, so let’s at least give them a shot.