Rob Chudzinksi Finds a New Home in a Familiar Place


Former Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski has found a new home, albeit a place he is quite familiar with.  After spending 2005 and 2006 with them as their tight ends coach, Chud will be returning to the San Diego Chargers.  This time, he will be the assistant head coach/tight ends coach.  Good to see that Chud was able to find a position, although it must be somewhat of a letdown, as he was considered a candidate for the offensive coordinator position in both San Francisco and Tampa Bay.

I think it’s also a bit of a letdown to Browns fans to see Chudzinski go back to the Chargers because there goes the hope that Derek Anderson could possibly go along with him in a trade.  If it seems like I bash Anderson on a daily basis, it’s not as if I don’t like the guy.  For the future success of the Browns, one quarterback has to be chosen between Anderson and Brady Quinn and at this point, it has to be Quinn.