Congratulations on an Epic, Hard-Fought Super Bowl


A game destined to be a classic, last night’s Super Bowl was a fantastic one to watch, and a prime example of the NFL’s strive for parity hard at work.  Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for making the big game, something those associated with the Browns would have absolutely no idea about.  There was something else I needed to say…what is it…oh yeah.  This part hurts, and tears at every fiber of my being, but another team played in the game, and won.  I guess, um, you know…um…good……job.  If you’re looking for continuing coverage, recaps, and analysis of the game, be sure to check out those two links above.

The Cardinals are a prime example of just how quickly teams can turn it around in the NFL.  If anything, Arizona serves as a model of what the Browns could be every year.  It may sound ridiculous, but teams are coming out of nowhere almost every season, so the faith shouldn’t be loss just yet.  Don’t worry that both the Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are sitting pretty atop the division; if one thing is for certain in the NFL, it’s that every year, a new team can rise out of absolutely nowhere.  Oh, and that arrests off the field are as commonplace as celebrations by players after sacks, touchdowns, and other big plays that most certainly make all of them look like certified dumbasses on the field.  Oh, and that players don’t seem to learn that if you have to take a gun to every strip club you attend, you probably shouldn’t be going anymore.