Mangini Runs Team Like Napolean, Plans to Invade Russia


Apparently, Eric Mangini is not particularly good at making friends.  According to Todd Porter of the Canton Rep, the atmosphere of the Browns organization is currently at the usual level of “miserable.”  Mangini has also been described as running the team like “Napolean.”  Of course, this is from an “insider” with the team, so take all of this with a grain of salt.  In addition to the fact that Mangini recently had a mural of Browns Hall of Fame players taken down, he apparently gave Shaun Rogers the snub at a recent function.  The Pro Bowler, who had not yet met Mangini, had hoped to do so at this public function.  At one point, Mangini simply walked past Rogers without acknowledging him – hardly the way to get to know one’s players.

Porter rips into the Browns organization as a whole, especially owner Randy Lerner, with plenty of valid points.  I would have to agree with his statement that the Browns are “hands down, the worst operated pro team in Cleveland.”

These are perhaps not the worst things that could be happening to the Browns, but this is not the way to create a good first impression.  I understand Mangini is simply trying to instill a new attitude in the organization, but there is certainly room for leeway in the pursuit of that goal.  After all, part of the reason it didn’t work in New York was because certain players did not respond well to such “disrespect.”  This is, of course, just hearsay, but to not introduce yourself to one of your best players?  Let’s just hope that isn’t how it went down.