Who is Actually Watching the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl?


I’m not.

To be fair, I have not watched the Pro Bowl in about 3 years. Yes, I have watched it before and it may have been the greatest mistake of my life. Athletes who are making more money than the entire country of Belize are hanging out in Hawaii and having a catch with the football.

The game defies the very essence of what football is about. Going out and giving it your all–one inch at a time. The players don’t even try, and I wouldn’t either. Can you imagine blowing your knee out in the Pro Bowl?Your entire season is over because you ripped up your knee trying to chase down an opponent.

I think the Pro Bowl should just be a list of deserving players. Sort of like end-of-the year Baseball awards. A list of “Pro Bowlers” who are invited to participate in a weekend of NFL awards and fan spectacular.

No more Pro Bowl games! It has to stop. The game means nothing.

Baseball and basketball are sports where you can go out and have an entertaining contest without potentially ending your career. Of course there is always a possibility–but not that likely. The violent nature of the NFL makes their “All Star” game unnecessary and dangerous.

By the way, Congratulations to Shaun Rogers, Joe Thomas, and Ryan Pontbriand for their selections to the Pro Bowl.

I won’t be watching. It’s more likely that I will be wathcing re-runs of Saved By the Bell on that fateful day.