Browns Hire Eberflus as LB Coach


Head coach Eric Mangini has continued to round out his coaching staff, as the Browns have announced Matt Eberflus as the new linebackers coach.  A superb linebacker for Toledo (the school where he also began his coaching career), Eberflus has spent the last eight seasons with the Missouri Tigers as their associate head coach/defensive coordinator/safeties coach.

I would imagine that Eberflus is going to be praying each and every day for the Browns to draft some linebackers so he can at least have a fighting chance in his new job.  It’s definitely going to be an uphill battle coaching the Browns’ group of linebackers, but a good April could make the process just a little bit easier.

Eberflus is the third coach hired from the college ranks, and he is yet another member of the organization with ties to Ohio.  Not only did he graduate and coach at Toledo, his wife is also a Cleveland native.