Would You Trade Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers for Jay Cutler?


That is just one of the rumors currently swirling around the Browns.  By now, most people interested in the NFL know that QB Jay Cutler was by no means pleased that over the weekend his name came up in trade rumors involving QB Matt Cassell.  If things are not smoothed out between the Broncos and Cutler, there is always the chance that Cutler could then turn around and start asking to be traded.  An immature move, sure, but one that could greatly benefit another team.  But would it really benefit the Browns?  Not if it was for this proposed rumor.

This particular deal would send QB Brady Quinn and NT Shaun Rogers to Denver for Cutler and a third-round draft pick.  In no way would this benefit the Browns at all.  Giving away the team’s best defensive player and its young QB for another gunslinging quarterback?  Not in this lifetime.

Another rumor that is a little more believable is the one that sends WR Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants for DE Mathias Kiwanuka.  Kiwanuka would play outside linebacker in the Browns’ 3-4, but at the expense of giving up Edwards, the team’s only current offensive weapon?  At this point, fans better pray that Edwards is still here when next season starts, despite what may come out of his mouth.  Or what may not often reach his hands (i.e. the ball).

The Browns are looking to improve, not implode, the team.  The NFL is structured to encourage parity and teams often come out of complete obscurity to be competitive.  Thus far, Mangini and Kokinis are playing it smart, and I wouldn’t expect there to be much validity to any of these trade rumors.