Jay Cutler Rumor a Practical Joke


Let it be known that I was not “running with this rumor,” and reporting it to be true.  I never thought there was much validity to these trade rumors, but I certainly didn’t think it would be someone’s practical joke (but it does make more sense now).  Apparently, the recent Jay Cutler trade rumors were all a big joke, started by some Broncos fans who were “getting upset with all the rumors swirling around this weekend about Jay Cutler getting traded.”

The Broncos have also come out and said that they have absolutely no intention of trading Cutler, which is pretty much what they had to say since Cutler’s feelings were badly bruised over the weekend.

Here is the original article.  These guys seem pretty pleased that they were able to dupe Pro Football Talk into reporting the rumor and turning it into a full-fledged discussion among some of the biggest sports outlets.  I guess we’re back to the Internet of the ’90s where everything on the web was pretty much considered a flat-out lie.  Even Wikipedia is beginning to be respected with plenty of footnotes, annotations, and bibliographies and we still have more “unnamed sources” doling out NFL news than real people.

Perhaps this will teach all of us to stop looking so much into these unnamed sources and start paying attention to real, hard-hitting news…

Yeah, right.  Support outrageous rumors that spark heated debates  forever!