An Open Letter To ManKok


Dear Mr. Mangini and Mr. Kokinis,

If you two decide to trade Brady Quinn and/or Braylon Edwards be prepared to to ran out of town and lose thousands of fans along the way.

These trades would be great, if you’re trying to set the team back 10 years.  Yes, Braylon had a rough year this past season, but is the 34 year old David Pattern ready to finally be a #1??? Haha, I f*ckin doubt it.  I know you two will state, oh but wait if we deal Edwards, we’ll take Michael Crabtree at 5.  Well let me say this: No rookie wide receiver should ever have to be a team’s #1.

If I could I love to hit on the Brady rumors, why in God’s good name would you trade this kid, did you two even see how “great” Derek Anderson played last season?????  Wow talk about regression!

Eric, question for you.  How efffin’ hard is it to say hello to a Pro Bowl defensive tackle on your team, and it’s not to hard to miss the guy, he’s 6’4″ 350 + pounds.

Another iteam of business that should also be mentioned, please if you two have any brain between the two of you, then do not draft Brian Orakpo.  He played defensive end in college, not outside linebacker.  Do you two know anything about Kamerion Wimbley?????

With all this being said, I’m sure that none of this will be considered and then you will be wondering why scretions have hit the osolator.  Well don’t say we didn’t warn you.


A very concerned fan (who may give up if things continue this way)