2009 NFL Draft Day Diary


9:14 pm – Well, this concludes the 2009 NFL Draft Diary for Dawg Pound Daily.  Hope you enjoyed reading along and following the unpredictable fun of Cleveland’s first two rounds.  There will be plenty more analysis to come as the Browns have taken a familiar strategy (i.e. the New England Patriots) in the rebuilding process.  Enjoy the later rounds!

9:04 pm – The Browns select DE David Veikune with their third pick in the second round.  It’s an interesting pick, and certainly not one that was expected.  Of course, nobody could have predicted what the Browns did today.

8:53 pm: – Browns select WR Mohamed Massaquoi, which means we probably don’t have to worry so much about the depth in the receiving corps anymore.  But two receivers in the second round?

8:38 pm – Ohio pride!  Safety Michael Mitchell taken by the Raiders.  Wasn’t it kind of early, though?

8:34 pm – I wonder if the Browns will be in a position to get LeSean McCoy with one of these second round picks.

8:27 pm – Miami getting Pat White actually makes a ton of sense.

8:23 pm – Browns getting defensive with these two picks in the second round?  Also, remember when Everette Brown was finally drafted?

7:56 pm – One of the best quotes of the day, courtesy of Johnny Heck of Bolt Beat: “[Jon] Gruden is busy dancing for nickels so the Bucs can pay Winslow’s bloated salary.”

7:51 pm – How early will Seattle get to pick in next year’s draft, courtesy of Denver?

7:45 pm – The Browns second pick of the day: WR Brian Robiskie!  A solid pick with sure hands, which is what was lost when Joey J was let go.

7:39 pm – At this point, the Browns have a very good chance at nabbing a linebacker.

7:18 pm – With the Giants drafting Hakeem Nicks, does this mean the trade rumors of Edwards to the Giants are now dead?  Apparently, there were some rumors that he was going to the G-Men for a 2nd and a 3rd round pick.  Found that out by following the Browns on Twitter, courtesy of Cleveland.com.  You can follow them here: http://twitter.com/cdotcombrowns.

7:05 pm – Another center taken off the board in the first round.  These moves may be head-scratchers now, but I have a feeling they could pay off huge in a few years.

6:42 pm – ESPN’s SportsNation rates the Mack pick as a C.

6:27 pm – The Browns’ first pick of the day: C Alex Mack!  It’s definitely a surprise, but the O-line is in need of a major overhaul and has barely been touched during the offseason.  Didn’t think they would draft an offensive linemen so soon, though.

6:14 pm – Another traded pick!  Trade down to #21.

6:08 pm – Pick to come in a few minutes, and Wells is still around.

6:00 pm – The Browns also receive a sixth-round pick in that deal with Tampa Bay.

5:56 pm – Browns trade pick to the Bucs, so they will now pick at #19.

5:50 pm – Let me also add Clay Matthews to that list of potential picks at #17.

5:45 pm – Cleveland’s pick is coming up soon.  It will be interesting to see what happens if Chris Wells is still around.  I have to believe that the Browns will be getting defensive with someone like Rey Maualuga or Everette Brown.

5:32 pm – Is Josh McDaniels trying to lose his job already?  The AFC West’s antics is making this a pretty enjoyable first round so far.

5:19 pm – With Ratliff coming in that deal from the Jets, does this mean one of the quarterbacks are going to be dealt?  Like, oh, let’s see…Derek Anderson?

5:17 pm – The 49ers should be thanking their lucky stars that Crabtree somehow fell into their laps.  Now, the question is, who will throw to him?

4:58 pm – Not only did the Raiders pass on Crabtree, they picked a different wide receiver in Darrius Heyward-Bey. What is going on in Oakland?

4:54 pm – Huge deal for the Browns.  For that fifth pick, the Browns move down and receive the 17th pick, another second-rounder (52nd overall), DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff, and DB Abram Elam.

4:36 pm – They won’t pick Mark Sanchez…right?

4:34 pm – If the Browns draft Crabtree, I think Braylon Edwards’ days in Cleveland are numbered.

4:29 pm – Let’s say the Seahawks do not select Aaron Curry.  Does he fall to at least the Bengals?  It would be more likely to see the Browns select B.J. Raji or Michael Crabtree, even.

4:15 pm – The Rams select Jason Smith.  Not a surprise at all, but a good pick for them.

4:02 pm – Why was there a Joe Jurevicius jersey hanging up in the room that Mark Sanchez was in?  Speaking of Joey J, I sure miss the guy.

3:57 pm – With Matt Stafford already signed, the consensus is that Jason Smith is going to the Rams.  The Chiefs will be the first team to make things interesting.  Also, Anquan Boldin to the Titans?

3:35 pm – Of these three players, who will no longer be on the Browns after this weekend: Braylon Edwards, Derek Anderson, or Brady Quinn?  I’ve gotta believe Quinn stays.  Sanchez to the Browns makes absolutely no sense.

3:23 pm – Doesn’t it feel good to know that the smoke will be clearing in just a few short hours?  What will the Browns do with the fifth pick?  Will Braylon Edwards be traded?  Probably not, considering the fact that the Browns want far too much for him.  Good, make sure the trade is worth it.