Donte Stallworth Suspended Indefinitely by the NFL


I think we all had to see this coming.  Just two days after being sentenced to only 30 days in jail, WR Donte Stallworth has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has come down hard on the Browns’ receiver, a title that should no longer be associated with Stallworth for much longer.

This decision comes after many people were fairly dumbfounded as to how Stallworth could only receive 30 days in jail.  Sure, there are a number of other aspects to his sentence, but I think true jail time is just a tad worse than house arrest and a suspended license.  This ruling by Goodell should also demolish any doubt about Stallworth’s future with the Browns.  Not only would Eric Mangini not want a player like Stallworth corrupting his locker room, but the timetable of Stallworth’s return will be long, and rightfully so.

So this ends the short-lived and very much forgettable year of Donte Stallworth in a Browns uniform.  Or, maybe not, I honestly can’t remember seeing him on the field.  Of course, there is a picture of Stallworth next to this that is of him in a Browns uniform.  I’m still not convinced it isn’t a fake, though.