How Fantastic! Donte Stallworth ALSO Tested Postivite for Marijuana!


So Jim Brown was right.  Brown had discussed the possibility of this a few weeks ago, but it is now being officially reported that WR Donte Stallworth had tested positive for marijuana after his car struck and killed a pedestrian back in March.  This doesn’t come as the most shocking news I’ve ever heard, but it just sort of makes the situation even worse for Stallworth in the eyes of fans and those who have followed this story.  This is also a testament to how sad it is that Stallworth continues to dominate the headlines for the Browns.

Like I said before, I don’t expect to see Stallworth in a Browns uniform ever again.  Not that my heart is breaking or anything, but let’s talk about something else, shall we?  Like the exciting fact that the Browns now rank 114 (down from 64 in 2008) out of 122 teams in the 2009 Ultimate Standings, courtesy of ESPN the Magazine.  You can check out the capsule for the Browns here, which just so happens to include some writing from Dawg Pound Daily.

Is it September yet?