Braylon Edwards Spends a Ton of Money on Alcohol


The latest news in the Donte Stallworth debacle is that he was out drinking with WR Braylon Edwards the night that he killed a pedestrian while driving intoxicated.  Rather than continuing to go on and on about this night in March, I would rather point out two things that stuck out to me with these newest developments:

1) Why did Stallworth go back home, take a quick nap, and decide to go out to breakfast only a few short hours later?  I suppose the drunk cravings for breakfast could have been too strong at that point, but once home, what drunk person actually has the willpower to go out once again?  Home is always that desperate final destination for the heavily intoxicated.  I can’t make fun of the guy too much though, because he seemed full of remorse when quoted in a police interview (from this article) as saying “If he would have completely stopped and not kept going … don’t know why he kept going. I don’t know. I should have just stayed home.”

2) Braylon Edwards spends A LOT of money on alcohol.  I don’t care how rich he is, but dropping $3,443 in one night at a club is a lot of cash to burn.  Let’s just say that one great season won’t last you forever monetarily if you’re throwing around that kind of money at just alcohol…for one night.

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