Derek Anderson Ready for Training Camp


Consider me as thrilled for Derek Anderson in a Browns uniform as I would about getting bamboo shoved under my fingernails.  I do not wish any athlete to be hurt, but I certainly can wish for one to stop plaguing the Browns as a starter.  I’m all for Anderson being the backup, but the Browns insist it is an open competition between him and Brady Quinn.

Apparently, the calf injury that sidelined Anderson for the minicamp in June has healed and he is ready to compete for the quarterback job in the upcoming training camp.  This is good news for Anderson, but can anyone honestly say they are excited for yet another year of the same quarterback battle?  Shouldn’t Quinn have locked this position up by now?

In the back of my mind I still feel as though Quinn might have the job, but Eric Mangini does not want to give that away so soon.  I’m sure he wants to see Quinn fight for it nonetheless, and be able to offer Anderson up as some sort of trade bait based on a good showing during training camp and into the preseason schedule.