Need a Laugh? Eric Mangini Invites You to Watch His Team


Let’s face it, the Browns aren’t conjuring up dreams of a Super Bowl championship run this season.  After the effort put forth in the team’s first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, it’s a case of “here we go again” with this team.  Never mind a win; let’s find a way to score an offensive touchdown ( a drought which, if you include this preseason, is up to seven games).  With that in mind, one would think the players would be focused entirely on football, and playing it well, right?

Well, according to some players in this article, some are worried about the fun factor of the organization:

"…at least one player, Braylon Edwards, hinted that the team could use some positive reinforcement."

Head coach Eric Mangini was also asked if it was time to provide some comic relief for his “hard-working” players.  He promptly responded in a press conference by saying the Browns have plenty to laugh at: themselves.  Last time I checked, these are professionals, and the positive reinforcement is their headache-inducing contracts.  And shouldn’t Edwards be more concerned with his problem of acting like a football thrown his way is some sort of bomb ready to detonate?

In the middle of this madness is Mangini, who, thankfully, comes off as the only sane person in the organization.  His unwillingness to give into these players (at least not before seeing some sort of progress) is a fresh sight to see, and one I think every Browns fan can appreciate.  This season is going to be long and painful, but it becomes all the more bearable if there is some sort of effort and improvement shown.

A 4-12 season of competitive football sure beats a 4-12 season that includes the last six games lacking any offensive touchdowns.