Sports Illustrated Predicts a 2-14 Season for the Browns


Well, if the fine folks over at Sports Illustrated have their way, Browns fans are in for one heck of a season.  There wasn’t much good to say in the publication’s preview of the Browns, which you can find here, even with the complete makeover the team has undergone.

But 2-14?  I guess someone has to be given that undesirable record, but the Lions are at least given three wins, according to Peter King.

There is a potential silver lining to all of this.  Let’s just say the Browns do happen to finish 2-14, which will most likely be in the top three of  terrible records in the league.  That could mean the idea of Eric Berry in a Browns uniform would become a very real possibility.  But that’s if the Browns happen to finish at 2-14 or in that general vicinity of ineptitude.  And I don’t think anyone wants that.

So what do you think?  Are you not ready to suffer through a 2-14 campaign?  Will the Browns win more than two games or is that number, um, too high?