Eric Mangini Has a Dirty Little Secret: He Knows Who the Starting Quarterback Is


Well here’s a real shocker:  head coach Eric Mangini has made a decision on who will be the starting quarterback against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, but isn’t planning on revealing it anytime soon.  Mangini will talk to the quarterbacks sometime this week (so they can at least know who is starting), but don’t expect the Vikings to know until much later, maybe even right before the game starts.

This is all part of the Browns’ “strategy,” that forces the Vikings to prepare for both quarterbacks, just in case.  Anything to get an edge, I guess.  One day we will know who the Browns’ quarterback is…

Mangini also made sure to note that both quarterbacks will be on the roster this season, which makes me wonder how short of a leash there will be on these quarterbacks.  Something tells me this competition won’t necessarily be over when the season starts.

Who do you think it will be – Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?