Will the Browns Take the Field Without Josh Cribbs on Sunday?


Josh Cribbs has been named the starting wide receiver opposite Braylon Edwards, but will he be taking the field for the Browns on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings?  Unless a new contract is signed soon, there is a very real possibility that Cribbs will be sitting out until a new deal is reached.  He has been quoted as saying in this cleveland.com article that “…Maybe a lot of other people speculate, probably my agent, he has doubt, I don’t know. But I plan to be here on Sunday.”  Here’s to hoping you follow through with that, Josh, despite whatever it is your agent is whispering into your ear.

Browns fans everywhere are hoping that Cribbs decides to play no matter what his contract situation is.  After all, he got his wish and won the #2 wide receiver position.  It seems as though he loves playing for Eric Mangini, so that has to help as well.

I really go back and forth on this issue.  Sure, Josh Cribbs has played far beyond what his contract is paying him, but on the other hand, shouldn’t he (and this goes for other athletes as well) honor his contract and get a fat payday when it is actually time to resign?  Now, I know that contracts in the NFL are essentially just like doling out funny money (Here’s a 50-year, $500,000,000,000 contract for you!  $10 million is guaranteed and we can cut you whenever we please!), so I can also understand why these players try to lock up their guaranteed money as soon as they can.

It’s a tough situation, but this is the state of the league, and the Browns need to play by these current rules.  Josh Cribbs is the best player on this team and certainly deserves more money, so it makes sense to ensure his happiness on the team for years to come.