NFL Probing Eric Mangini in an Uncomfortable Way


Well, I never thought I would write something about Eric Mangini being probed by anyone, but here it goes.  The NFL is investigating the Browns’ head coach for his role in not placing QB Brett Favre’s torn biceps tendon on injury reports last season.

Because this is the almighty Brett Favre, the league has to decided to look into whether or not Mangini and/or the New York Jets committed some sort of wrongdoing in not reporting Favre’s injury.  Mangini and the Jets could be facing a fine if it is decided that yes, they should have in fact made Favre’s injuy public.  Mangini just can’t seem to stay out of controversies surrounding injury reports, can he?

I certainly feel bad for Mangini.  As coach of the Jets, Brett Favre was basically stuffed down his throat and something tells me he was not a fan of having to change his entire offensive gameplan to accommodate Favre’s presence on the team.  Now, Mangini has to worry about being the head coach of a new team (and the work put into improving the Browns surely rivals that of a rocket scientist I’m assuming) and is still being barraged by news of #4.  I would bet money that Brett Favre has been haunting Eric Mangini’s nightmares for quite some time now.