Browns Get Thumped At Mile High


The Cleveland Browns are 0-2.  They lost by 21 points this afternoon in Denver against the Broncos.  The final score was 27-6.  It was tight at the half, but again, the Browns fell apart in the third and fourth quarters.

It is very early yet in the season, but with the Bengals beating Green Bay at Lambeau Field today, the pressure is on the Browns to avoid lingering in the basement of the AFC North.

We like to stay positive about the Browns, but three things struck us today more than anything else.  First, lost opportunities.  You cannot be successful in the NFL by kicking field goals all day long.  The Denver fumble on the opening kick-off should have led to 6 points;  instead we had to settle for 3.  A blown opportunity.  Braylon Edwards had a good day at almost 100 yards receiving, but the points seem impossible to come by.  Second, our offensive line is not as improved as it needs to be.  Allowing one opposing player to compile 4 sacks in one game is pathetic.  Andra Davis had enough room to park a tank while compiling his 10 “in your face Cleveland” tackles.  Third, Brady Quinn is doing whatever he can to fuel the Derek supporters and their criticism of Mangini’s decision to start Quinn.  A less than 60% pass completion rate, nil TDs and an IT when the pressure is on simply does not cut the mustard.

We are trying to stay optimistic, but this was a game we had to win in order to have a chance at .500 this season.  The loss to the Vikings – okay.  But the Broncos are a very beatable team notwithstanding their much improved defense.  We did not come to play in the second half.  We got blown out.  We deserve better.