Eric Berry Watch (weeks 1 & 2)


Ok so after two weeks of the NFL, the Browns are in the drivers seat to a top five pick, which bodes well in order to draft Berry.  The team has looked, well, less than impressive, and that’s being nice.

Alright, so like I said the Browns are, again, looking at an early selection in April’s draft, especially when you consider that the team has yet to play a game against Baltimore or $hitsburgh, and there will be four of those to come.

In the mean time all Eric Berry has done, is go out and continue to dominate.  Take a look for yourself:

Week 1 vs. W. Kentucky – 3 Tkls, 1 PD   *only played 1st  half

Week 2 vs. UCLA – 10 Tkls

Week 3 vs. Florida – 11 Tkls, 1 Int