What the Hell Happened to our Draft Picks?


We are about to play our fourth game of the season, and it is as if we never drafted anyone this year.

Alex Mack has been noticeable but hardly overpowering at the center position.  At least we see him, though.

WR Brian Robiskie has not a single reception.  WR Massaquoi has two catches.

RB James Davis has 4 catches and 9 carries.  Auto accident or not, he has been used sparingly and has regressed since the pre-season.

LB Kaluka Maiava has two tackles.  CB Coye Francies has one.  DE/LB David Veikune has nil.  And, finally, CB Don Carey is not even in Cleveland.

You would almost think that the Browns are playing really well – so well that we are holding back our draftees to groom them.  Gimme a break.  The record is not what is most important;  as we said previously, the best we could have realistically hoped for after week three was 1-2 given our opponents.  What is important is how badly we have been beaten.  The Browns are clearly the worst team in the NFL – let’s face it.  We could be -100 at week 5.  Honestly – it is possible.  That may be close to an NFL record.

What do we have to lose?  Get these guys in there for crying out loud.

There are a lot of good rivalries that the Browns have fueled over the years, but those of us who are getting a little long in the tooth still care a great deal about the Battle of Ohio.  Every time I see shots of “Paul Brown Stadium”, it pisses me off.  But did you see that enthusiasm and intensity on the face of Marvin along the Bengals’ sideline at the end of that game against the Steelers?  Cincy are an inspired bunch.  They really should be 3-0 because they got robbed on that Stoakley catch against Denver on the last play of the game.  They beat us bad late last year at home on a freezing cold and windy day in Cleveland.  It will be interesting to see if we can muster up some good old fashioned pride this weekend.  It is time for the likes of Rogers and Thomas to roll some heads in the locker room and express their embarassment at what is transpiring.

Keep the faith.  It is easy to be a Steelers fan, or a Red Wings fan, or a Yankees fan, or a Lakers fan.  It takes some real gonads to stand by the Browns.  We want to see some of those on the field.

Go Browns!