Braylon Edwards Punches LeBron James’ Friend Because He’s…Jealous of LeBron?


This kind of stuff can only happen in Cleveland.  So Braylon Edwards punches a guy in the face outside of a club at 2:30 in the morning on Monday because he feels this guy, a friend of LeBron James, is only where he is at in life due to James’ success? Keep in mind this guy, Edward Givens, is listed at 5-7, 135 pounds.  Givens described Edwards as having some sort of  jealousy with LeBron, which seems ridiculous in every way but is somehow a fitting story for someone on a Cleveland sports team.  To further embarrass Edwards, LeBron James described the incident as “childish.”  On the other hand, no one can be sure what really happened, as it seems a little odd that Edwards would just walk up to this guy and start hurling insults at him.

No matter what really happened, this should just about be the final straw for the Browns in regards to Edwards.  Despite one stellar season in 2007, Edwards for the most part has been a massive headache, both on and off the field.  Given that he is in a contract year, one would think he would be doing everything in his power to play well and not cause problems off the field that would, you know, deter most teams from signing him.  Some might argue that the team is losing a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver, which is true.  But to be honest, I don’t know how many will miss the now-perennial league leader in dropped passes who decides to play like that Pro Bowl receiver when he feels like it which, apparently, is not often.

At this point, I’m going to assume that he will not be back with the team in 2010.  Eric Mangini, if you haven’t noticed, is a stickler for discipline, and Edwards is still searching for the definition of the word.  Braylon should take a page out of LeBron’s book and learn how to conduct himself properly – James is the poster boy for good behavior in professional sports.  Looks like he’ll be doing that in a new city, though.