Rob Ryan Thinks Bengals’ Game-Winning FG Was No Good


Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, after reviewing the tape, has determined that Shayne Graham’s 31-yard field goal in overtime last Sunday to give the Bengals the win was actually wide right.  Of course, the officials thought otherwise, as does the NFL.  A number of Browns players thought the kick was wide right, and a video replay from an end zone camera appears to prove the kick did, in fact, end up wide right of the goal post.

Ryan did not say too much about it, and was quoted in this AP article as saying,  “I don’t want to get fined…I pay enough money already on the house I don’t even live in California.”  Ryan doesn’t want anyone (i.e. Big Brother, er, the NFL) to think he is making a big deal of the situation; he is merely commenting on what he saw.

The bottom line?  The Browns are still 0-4.