Browns Win at Orchard Park; Jauron Fired


This is the headline that we Browns fans hope to read Monday morning.  Ironically, my two buddies, who are die-hard Buffalo Bills fans and season ticket holders at Orchard Park, also hope to read this same headline.

This weekend, for the first time in a long time, we are all on the same page.  Browns fans want to get out of the winless column.  And many Bills fans want an excuse for the immensely cheap and out of touch Ralph Wilson, Bills’ owner, to fire the catatonic Dick Jauron.

If you think we have it bad in Cleveland, and we do, you should see what it is like in Buffalo.  This is a team that has not had a 300-yard passing day in something like 45 games or so.  Jauron has never had a winning season in Buffalo.  In fact, Dick has had one winning season in 10 years!  The Bills got absolutely embarassed last week at Miami, while at least the Browns kept it very close and showed marked improvement against the Division-leading Bengals (that still seems weird to say).  If it were not for crooked field goal posts similar to those shown above, according to Rob Ryan, we would have tied the Bengals.

I love that Ryan has called out the pathetic Trent Edwards.  This guy throws passes that make Brady Quinn look like a bomber.  And he never shuts up.  Rogers will have a chance to beat him into submission tomorrow when we face likely the worst offensive line in football.

We are not going to win any Super Bowl this year, or even make the playoffs, but let’s relish in the prospect of making Bills fans happy by causing the firing of Jauron.  Ralph Wilson will have no choice but to pull the plug if the Bills lose at home against the Browns.

Go Browns!  Me and my Bills buddies will all be cheering for ya tomorrow.