Eric Mangini Admits that Wildcat Should Have Been Used More in Loss to Packers


Another week, another horrendous loss.  So goes the season, and plenty of others before it, for the Cleveland Browns.  Every week there seems to be something new to scratch one’s head at in complete disbelief.

This time, it is the misuse of the the Wildcat formation.  Eric Mangini has said that the Browns probably could have used the Wildcat more in Sunday’s 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers.  The Browns only used it once on Sunday for a grand total of 1 yard.  Even Josh Cribbs was surprised at how the coaching staff apparently just forgot the Wildcat existed.

Here’s a pretty entertaining quote from Mangini in the article:

"“There were some other things that we liked that we wanted to get to, so we wanted to take a look at that. But I think [Sunday] we probably could have used it more than we did.”"

They must have really wanted to get to that other stuff, because everything they were throwing at the Packers led to a grand total of 3 points in the game.  At least Mangini admits that they probably should have used the Wildcat more.  The most concerning thing here, however, is that the team didn’t even bother to make adjustments and abandon the offensive plays that were doing absolutely nothing against the Green Bay defense.  Instead, the Browns abandoned the only set of offensive plays that might have made a difference.

Just another great day for the Browns and its fans.   Next week doesn’t offer much solace either, as the Browns visit the Chicago Bears.