What Absurd Alternate Reality Would Actually Have Mike Holmgren Coming to the Browns?


It would be a Browns fan’s dream come true if Mike Holmgren was brought in to run the team.  It would seem like the franchise was finally moving in the right direction, hiring someone with a track record that actually included some success.  I would tend to agree that he would be a great fit for the Browns, and could certainly do no worse than anyone else owner Randy Lerner has brought in.  Just look at what Bill Parcells has been able to accomplish in Miami.

However, head coach Eric Mangini has said he wants to be involved in the search for a new GM.  There’s a chance that, if the rumors are true and the Browns truly are interested in hiring Holmgren, Mangini might try to block such a move, realizing it might mean he could be gone soon after.  You might ask yourself, is Mangini really that crazy?  To that I answer, what has he done so far this season that has actually been sane?

If these rumors are true and the Browns somehow do land Holmgren, I don’t see how anyone could complain too much about the kind of talent brought in to run the team.