Brady Quinn to Start Monday Night Against the Ravens


So quarterback Brady Quinn is once again the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.  He has taken the place of Derek Anderson, who has been benched in part because his passer rating of 36.3 is the lowest for an NFL quarterback through eight weeks of a season since 1981.  You can say he has been plagued by dropped passes and fumbles by receivers, but Anderson has looked nothing short of awful in every possible way.  Any Anderson supporter at this point cannot say he was not given a fair chance with this team.

It is now hopefully time to see what Quinn can do with no distractions and more than 2 1/2 games to prove himself.  It won’t come easy, however, because his first game back as a starter will be against the Baltimore Ravens.  Head coach Eric Mangini must hate Quinn or something, because he knows the Browns have no shot in hell of beating – or even competing, really – against the Ravens.  Quinn is set up to fail on Monday night, and the Ravens will throw everything they’ve got at him.  And the best part of all this?  It gets to happen on national television!

I would have to think Quinn is going to perform better in his second go-around as the starting quarterback.  What will be most interesting is how his relationship with the offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, unfolds.  Turns out, the two went a “long time” without talking after Quinn’s benching and rightfully so – Daboll’s awful playcalling should take much of the blame for the offense’s struggles.

No matter what happens, Quinn deserves to be the starting quarterback and it better stay that way the rest of the season.  That is, if Eric Mangini wants to have any hope of keeping his job into next season.