Brady Quinn Fined $10,000 for Playing Terrib-Oh, for Chop-Block on Terrell Suggs


What a nice way to cap off the week for Brady Quinn, eh?  Not only did he prove he couldn’t keep a deep pass inbounds on Monday night, he knocked Terrell Suggs out possibly for a few weeks because of a chop-block.  To top it all off, Quinn was fined $10,000 by the league for the hit.

It’s funny to me though, that the Baltimore Ravens players were so adamant that Quinn be punished for injuring Suggs, much of the complaining coming from our old friend Ray Lewis.  Quinn was a man about it and apologized after the game, reiterating that he did not mean to injure Suggs, and was simply trying to get to the ball carrier on the play.  Nevertheless, it did not stop the Ravens from demanding that Quinn suffer a huge fine. This is all coming from what is one of the most physical defenses in the NFL.  Players like Lewis are often in the news for controversial hits, so if anyone could understand Quinn’s desire to stop a play, they would.

Instead, they have chosen to just complain about it because their playoff hopes are floundering.

Even the Ravens coach, John Harbaugh, felt the need to chastise Brady Quinn over the situation.  It’ll be nice when the Ravens miss the playoffs this year.