Browns Lose to the Lions by 1 Point on Final Play of the Game


I am sure that every Browns fan, hell every football fan, was sratching his head after today’s thrilling game at Ford Field in Detroit between our hapless Brownies and the pathetic Lions.  It was probably the most exciting game of the day (which says a lot given that two others were decided in overtime).

Amazingly, the Browns found a way to lose thanks to massive brain cramps by two people:  Hank Poteat and Eric Mangini.  Poteat was called for pass interference on what should have been the final play of the football game to give our Browns their second win of the season, 37-31.  That gave Detroit another down with zero time left on the clock.  Rookie Lions’ QB Stafford was injured on the play which drew the flag, thus, an awkward and ice-cold back-up QB Daunte Culpepper had to enter the game for Detroit.  So what did Mangini do – he called timeout!  HE CALLED TIMEOUT!  When play resumed, Stafford came back to throw his fifth TD of the contest to vault the Lions to the win, 38-37.  CAN YOU SAY PUKE?

439 yards of offense for the Browns.  Very good play from Brady Quinn.  Finally, some actual points.  And the defense does nothing to help.  Nothing.  After going up nearly three touchdowns early in the game, we allowed the Lions to crawl back and win the game, thanks especially to Poteat and Mangini on the final two plays.

Absolutely amazing.  What else can you say?