Joshua Cribbs Will Play in the 2009 Futility Bowl


If the Browns want to have any hope of winning today, they will need the services of Joshua Cribbs.  In a game like this, a player like Cribbs can single-handedly win the game with his far-reaching influence on the field.  Lucky for Cleveland, he is active and will play after suffering a neck injury last Monday night.

Remember wide receiver Brian Robiskie?  Well, he has been deactivated, along with running back Jerome Harrison.  I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Robiskie has been deactivated – his situation has been managed terribly since the start of the season.  Harrison has been deactivated in favor of Chris Jennings, who will split time with Jamal Lewis.

I’ve always liked Harrison and find it terribly frustrating, as he does, that he has not been getting enough of a chance on this putrid “football team.”  As for Robiskie, I wish I could just see him step on the field for once.  Is that so much to ask?