You’re Telling Me There is Good Browns News? Mike Holmgren Interested in Opportunity with Cleveland


When Browns owner Randy Lerner said he was looking for a “serious, credible leader” to help right the perpetually sinking ship that is the Cleveland Browns, it seemed like a pipe dream, “Bill Cowher as head coach” type of ridiculous rumor that Mike Holmgren would be interested. However, Holmgren has said that he is interested in this opportunity with the team, possibly in a role similar to that of Bill Parcells’ in Miami. He even said:

"taking on those types of projects [the Browns], that kind of gets me going."

Hire this man.

Knowing that Holmgren is legitimately interested in the job, this comes as the best news to hit the Browns in what seems like years.  If Lerner can somehow appoint Holmgren as the man to help bring the Browns out of complete obscurity, I could consider this a winning season.

Can’t say this sits well with Eric Mangini though…