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Just Kidding! Eric Mangini Apologizes for Calling Lions Fakers


Head coach Eric Mangini has essentially repealed what he said about Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions, which was that he thought the Lions were faking injuries to slow down the Browns’ no-huddle offense that was torching the Lions in the first quarter.

Citing mostly his frustrations with the game itself, Mangini explained that he apologized to the Lions coach Jim Schwartz and the two friends sorted it all out.

It gets me thinking though.  It’s been speculated throughout the years that players have tried this tactic and I do recall thinking that there sure were a lot of Lions injuries on Sunday.  I’m not saying I believe they were faking, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, is it?  Who’s to say the players weren’t taking their time getting off the field, without Schwartz’s knowledge of it going on? In any case, Mangini needs to learn to keep his mouth shut about these kinds of things.  It just makes the team look bad – well, worse.