Browns Get Extension to Avoid Blackout – Should We Have Mixed Feelings?


On Thursday, the Browns were given a 24-hour extension to try and avoid the team’s first local television blackout since its return in 1999.  The team has until 4:05 pm on Friday to sell the remaining tickets to Sunday’s game against the 8-3 San Diego Chargers, a team that is on a roll and a mission.

Apparently, there are a few thousand tickets left, and I can’t imagine there being much of a rush to grab them.  If there is a blackout, the Browns will not be seen on TV within a 75-mile radius of Cleveland.

There are about a million jokes I could type that would make fun of the Browns and how not seeing them on TV would be a merciful act by the NFL.  However, I – and all Browns fans for that matter – don’t feel that way deep down.  We want to stick with this team no matter what.

Let’s just hope we get to see the Chargers pummel the Browns on television.