Mike Holmgren in Cleveland, Meeting With Randy Lerner


A win over the Steelers and now this? Great news is just pouring out from the Browns organization in the past week, as it has been reported that Mike Holmgren is in town to meet with the team about possibly becoming the team’s head of football operations, although that’s not exactly being admitted by anyone involved.

Even better is the fact that Holmgren’s agent is in Cleveland with him, which could be a very good sign.

This whole situation is a good sign. Holmgren becoming the “czar” of the team would go a long way in the process to becoming respectable again. Remember when Lerner wanted Holmgren last season, but he was taking a year off after retiring from coaching? Or when Lerner wanted Bill Cowher to coach but he was too settled into his gig with CBS? It finally looks like the timing is right for Lerner to get the guy he wants; now he actually has to land him.