It’s Official: Mike Holmgren Will Run the Browns


Despite the details still being worked out, there is no question that Mike Holmgren will be the Browns’ new team president.

There has been plenty of talk surrounding this hire, and it can be discussed until we are all blue in the face, but having Mike Holmgren in the organization gives the team one thing: credibility. Many of you might be wondering what credibility is, especially since it has been absent from the Browns for so many years, but trust me, it’s a good thing.

Having said that, a way for Holmgren to perhaps taint some of that credibility would be to fire head coach Eric Mangini after this season. The team is still showing heart (and a few are playing at record-breaking levels) and many players have expressed their desire to keep Mangini around. They, like the fans, see an improvement and firing Mangini too soon would be a major step backward. Keeping Mangini around at least until next season assures the Browns of something else that has been missing for a while: constancy.