Brady Quinn Out for Last Two Games, Results in Derek Anderson Sighting


With a left foot injury suffered late in last Sunday’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback Brady Quinn will miss the last two games of the season. That means we all get the luxury of watching Derek Anderson once again this season, this time running a no-huddle offense.

Obviously, time will tell whether or not this leads to any success for Anderson, but the bigger point remains: has Quinn done enough to win the quarterback job next season? If it was between him and Derek Anderson, the question should be a unanimous and resounding yes. But do the Browns consider drafting a quarterback in the draft or signing one in free agency?

With as many holes as this team has, I don’t think one of the better picks should be spent on a quarterback. Free agency is certainly an option, but adding a new quarterback to start would pretty much end the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland. I know many people wouldn’t exactly lose sleep over it, but we still have not seen a lot of Quinn, and a quarterback is only as good as the guys around him, making the case to let him play with some added talent next season, provided that actually happens.