So, Here’s the Big Question: Should Mangini Stay?


By ending the season on a four-game winning streak, head coach Eric Mangini has made it very difficult for new team president Mike Holmgren to fire him. The Browns did show visible improvement during the season, it just took a long time getting there.  Best of all, there seems to be an actual direction (and a good one at that) that the team is heading in.

Despite all the reasons we can begin listing off as to why Mangini should be kept, the coach is still going to have to worry about his job, even if he says he’s not anxious about Holmgren’s upcoming decision.

I thought Mangini should be here next year even before the recent winning streak, but that only helped his case. A coach needs at least a little bit of time to put his stamp on an organization. As the season progressed, Browns fans witnessed a change in the attitude of recent memory, and the Browns became an actual team. Sure, they beat up on bad or listless teams, but that’s what good teams are supposed to do. There has been plenty of disagreement on the notion that Mangini simply “needs more time,” but at this point, I think he’s deserved it.

So, taking into account the way the Browns finished the season, does Mangini deserve to keep his job? Will he even be able to co-exist with Holmgren? (if he wants to remain a head coach in the NFL, he will).