QB Jimmy Clausen Will Not Take Part in Combine Drills


Due to the recovery of surgery on his right toe, former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen will not be competing in the drills at theupcoming NFL Combine. He will be attending the Combine though, hoping to impress NFL teams with his smarts rather than just his physical attributes.

The 6-3, 223-pound junior is considered one of the best quarterback prospects in the draft, which is a need the Browns are most certainly going to need to address this offseason. Call it a hunch – or the fact that I’ve just never liked Clausen – but I don’t  have high hopes for Clausen in the NFL; I think there is too much stock put in him simply because he comes from a system built by a former NFL offensive coordinator. We all know how well that has worked out for Brady Quinn.

When the NFL Draft rolls around in April, I’d be utterly shocked if the Browns picked Clausen, especially if Sam Bradford was still on the board (and with the seventh pick, I definitely think there’s a chance he will be there).