Would You Be Upset If the Browns Drafted QB Tim Tebow?


The rumblings about quarterback Tim Tebow and the Browns (and a lot of other teams, really) continue to grow larger, which begs the question: would it upset you to see Tebow in a Browns uniform? Despite any preconceived notions you might have about Tebow, the guy certainly knows how to win. But that doesn’t always translate perfectly into the NFL. I’ve never seen such polarizing views on a quarterback – some think he can become a decent starter while others think his only chance for success is by changing positions.

Ever since Tebow has worked on his mechanics, which I suppose should have been a red flag in the first place, more teams have been itching to take a look at him. The Browns have scheduled a private workout with Tebow sometime before the draft, but that doesn’t automatically mean the Browns will take him. After all, Mike Holmgren has made it known that he still has his reservations about the quarterback. Plenty of teams are getting their look at the former Florida quarterback, just making sure there isn’t something they’ve missed. I think they have the same mentality as the Browns: if Tebow falls somewhere into the third round, wouldn’t he be worth taking a flyer on, especially if you’ve got multiple picks in that round?

What do you think about Tim Tebow? Are his improved mechanics enough to warrant a better look at him? Say the Browns draft him in the third round and it was beyond impossible for them to draft Sam Bradford anyway; how would it look then (because I’d say I could swallow it much easier at that point)?