Browns Have Talked With Rams About No. 1 Overall Pick


But none of us should be getting our hopes up about it. GM Tom Heckert admitted that, yes, the Browns have talked with the St. Louis Rams about trading up for the #1 overall pick in hopes of nabbing quarterback Sam Bradford. It is no surprise that the Browns are going to try and draft a quarterback next weekend,  but trading up to the first overall pick is just unrealistic.

The Browns have prided themselves on being able to acquire multiple draft picks, but a lot of that work would go away if the team traded up to get Bradford. Despite how much Mike Holmgren likes him, it just wouldn’t make any sense when there are so many additional holes to fill on the team. Not to mention there are a few very attainable quarterbacks just waiting to be taken by the Browns. That would include quarterbacks Colt McCoy (most likely available in the second round) and Jimmy Clausen (do the Browns take him with the seventh pick if he is there?).

There is another quarterback that hasn’t been connected with the Browns as much: Tim Tebow. Here is an article that explains the likelihood of such a pick using former quarterback Steve Young as a comparison. Now, I’m not totally against the idea of Tim Tebow as a member of the Cleveland Browns, but he is obviously going to need time to develop as a starter in the NFL.

I understand that all quarterbacks need time to develop, but it would seem Tebow is a little more of a project. If the Browns are going to draft Tebow, I’m assuming options like McCoy would have to be gone at that point.