Should the Browns Trade Back to Land QB Colt McCoy?


Most of the talk about quarterbacks in the 2010 NFL Draft has revolved around Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen, but Colt McCoy has been gathering a little momentum lately with his impressive workouts and meetings with various teams, including the Browns. McCoy is confident, saying that he feels he is the best quarterback in the draft, and has attracted the attention of the Browns’ front office.

Many people feel that Colt McCoy will fall to the second round, but it is unclear whether or not he would be there for the Browns with the 38th overall pick. A more realistic scenario might include the Browns trading the seventh overall pick to move back late into the first round. It happened last year (more than once) and could certainly happen again, as the Browns would not only acquire more draft picks in this scenario, but potentially pick Colt McCoy late in the first round as well.

Assuming that safety Eric Berry is already off the board and the Browns do not want to draft another offensive lineman in the first round, this seems increasingly possible. Some might wonder why the Browns don’t just draft Jimmy Clausen with that seventh overall pick. If the Browns can obtain more draft picks, still draft a quarterback in the first round and not have to pay him top-10 money, why wouldn’t they go for it? Colt McCoy fits the Browns’ offense well, even if he does have to learn a pro-style offense first. Learning through a guy like Jake Delhomme certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.