Clifton Geathers: I Like This Guy!

By Editorial Staff

The Cleveland Browns got a value selection in the 6th round, 186th overall, of the 2010 NFL Draft.  His name is Clifton Geathers.

Here is an interview of Geathers which gives you a glimpse into his personality:

This guy is a monster defensive end.  Before the Draft started, he was ranked around 130th overall;  projected to be selected in the 4th or 5th round;  and rated 14th at his position.

Although relatively raw upon leaving school after his junior season, Geathers has massive size and strength.  He is almost 6 foot 8 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds.

Notwithstanding a rough start to his junior year because of a 1-game suspension following an incident where he was arrested at a nightclub (watch out for Goodell, Clifton, he may have you targeted for an indefinite suspension before you ever play a single game in the NFL), he still managed to tally 41 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks that season.

Football is in Clifton’s genes.  His brother is a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Clifton’s father and uncle were both drafted to and played in the NFL.

Some would have preferred that Clifton return for his senior year at South Carolina, however, he has unpolished skills that could make him into a premier defensive end for the Browns.  His bull rush off the snap is so powerful that very few offensive linemen could handle him at college.  He frequently knocked more than one offensive tackle into the pocket, collapsing space onto the opposing quarterback.  His lateral agility makes him a better than average run defender.  He has long arms and wicked upper body strength.  His pitfall is that, in open field, he is no gazelle, however, the same could be said for many great defensive ends over the years.  He anchors very well against double-team blocking.  His height and arm length can cause havoc for quarterbacks and kickers in terms of blocks.

In a recent interview after the Draft, Geathers commented that, in his opinion, “the Browns saved the best for last”.  I like that attitude.  You have to show some gusto to succeed in the NFL.  His off the field incident which led to his arrest does not concern me one bit.  These are kids, after all.  Watch the monster, number 96, in these highlights against some good competition, and you will forget about that nightclub mess as well:

Welcome to Brownstown, Clifton.  Go get ’em.