QB Jake Delhomme Enjoying a Fresh Start in Cleveland


Yes, I realize that it is only May, and the Browns are taking part in organized team activities, which are volunteer practices that sort of resemble what football is really like. However, it is a very refreshing feeling knowing that the summer will not be infested with talk of a quarterback controversy, an issue that seems to plague the Browns every single season.

Despite the reservations we might have about quarterback Jake Delhomme, especially the ones regarding his disappointing 2009 season, the stability he brings to the position is going to go a long way in the improvement of the team. Better yet, there is now a real leader at the helm, and his experience and the way he carries himself will no doubt be a positive influence on this young team.

Delhomme has already impressed the Browns in the OTAs, and while the regular season will be a completely different animal, it puts the team on the right track. And with such low expectations, there’s almost nowhere for Delhomme to go but up. If nothing else, Delhomme is going to be a great mentor to rookie quarterback Colt McCoy.

There’s no doubt that people are skeptical of Delhomme, unsure what to expect from a 35-year-old quarterback coming off the worst season of his NFL career. But if the OTAs are any indication, Delhomme is going to be looked at as a great signing for his actions both on and off the field.