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Browns Legend Jim Brown Thinks LeBron James Will Leave Cleveland


Even Jim Brown, the best player in Browns history and arguably the greatest running back in NFL history, has a say when it comes to what LeBron James will do this summer. Brown is of the belief that James will leave town, but it doesn’t stop there. According to Brown, the Cleveland fans and media are the ones driving James away.

He brings up the idea that expectations were too high and for us to analyze and “say humiliating things” about him, despite what he has done for the franchise, is, as Brown puts it, “an atrocity.”

The people of Cleveland have never been hard on LeBron during his time here – until this past postseason, Cleveland fans would have happily jumped off a cliff if he so desired. The reason everyone is analyzing Lebron James is within reason; James essentially gave up on the team during the series against the Boston Celtics.

To lose by 32 points at home is inexcusable, and LeBron didn’t seem all that upset about it. It is this nonchalant attitude that Cleveland fans can never accept and will rightfully call a player out on. The backlash on LeBron has been deserving, and if he can’t handle a little criticism, that’s too bad.